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Before starting to write a blog about the old age home, let we discuss something about the things that is, what is a family and what is about a joint family? Family is a beautiful relationship that has been created by us with happy surrounding. Knowing the difference between family and joint family, the joint family includes senior citizens who are the older person in your family who crosses above 60 ages. A person who crosses around 60 is the golden sunset years of life. They have the dream to enjoy their life themselves and to take care of them like their son or daughter. They deserve to have the good care in their sunset years with best support and being with them.

How this Old Age Home is formed and by whom?

The answer for this question is known by all. In honest it needs to say that the formation of old age home is introduced by the children who move away from their parents while getting them a good surrounding and they feels that it doesn’t suits for the parents and they leave from them at last it causes to nuclear families… The hard work of the parents doesn’t see to the children who leave them alone in the place. They may be alone and live their life but the problem is that, when they may have any health issues and cannot be take care of them when nobody is there near them. The Old Age Home in Ambattur is near to you and they helps you and makes all your needs to be fulfilled with good care and support. In the old age home, there are some conditions such as medical checkup, nursing help, and other facilities are comprehensively enlarged in the Old Age Home which gives the senior citizens a good comfort and feeling free like their house.

How comfort the Old Age Home in Ambattur is?

Not only Old Age Home in Ambattur, the Kudil Old Age Home is located near to your surroundings places like Ambattur, Porur, Anna Nagar, Nungambakkam, Moggapair, Pattabiram, etc to give you full care and support. Thus the old age home includes many amenities as laundry, medication, walking, medical assistant, hygiene bathroom and grooming, 24 hours care, housekeeping, transportation, visitors, television, newspaper, and secure environment is placed in our surrounding with neat and clean. Once come and visit the Old Age Home and you surely feels like as your house with comfort and safe.

Kudil Old Age Home

Kudil Old Age Home
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